Wayward Studios is a creative partnership between Crystal M Rollins & Emily R. Gillis.
The two met during college and, after relocating to opposite sides of the country,
decided to join forces by supporting each other's comic works. The two share editorial duties
and assist one another with their art.

Emily R. Gillis

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Emily began creating Jikoshia back in high school and, after numerous revisions and redraws, brought it to print in 2012. She has since developed an unheathly addiction to 24-hour comics, having successfully completed one every year since 2011.

In addition to creating comics, she also help found and continues to run Square City Comics, a Washington, DC based collective of independent cartoonists whose goal is provide its members with the feedback and resources they need to produce the best comics they can. She has both organized and participated in each of their three anthologies.

By day, Emily pays the bills by designing and printing t-shirts. When not comicing, she enjoys watching anime, knitting, playing video games (mostly Dragon Age). She lives in Colorado where she chases her cat around and bombards her friends with puns.

Crystal M Rollins

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Crystal's comic career began in middle school with a horrible fan comic rendition of Sailor Moon where she was a ballet-dancing fox-tailed princess.

From there she sailed through a decade of online role-playing text, anime conventions, and every art class she could squeeze into her schedule.

She exited college with two books, a husband and a mountain of debt, returning to her birthplace of Seattle, Washington.

Crystal continues to write and draw stories beautiful, horrible and silly. By day, she pays the bills by making really crappy files print really really big. When not being chained to the art desk, she grows heirloom vegetables and cooks epically good cheesecake and tries not to die from her two cats tripping her.